Our Facilities

Here at DLR Technologies, we have state of the art facilities that enable us to deliver projects to our client’s challenging specifications. From design and development through to manufacturer, we can ensure the highest quality solutions through a whole range of rubber manufacturing capabilities, including rubber calendering and rotocure processes. Learn more about our facilities and how they benefit each stage of our design and manufacturing processes below.


Click here to learn more about how our capabilities and facilities support our design processes, including:
  • How we understand your requirements
  • Material selection
  • Design/modification of parts
  • Specialist machining tools used
  • Finalisation of fabrication and rubber moulding processes


Once we have worked through the design process, we move on to product development. Learn more about how we manage this stage, including:

  • Testing of ideas before delivery
  • Fine-tuning the materials selected to ensure they fit the part
  • Modification of materials, tooling and process ready for prototyping
  • Samples tested by our engineers and the clients themselves


With design and development completed, the final stage is the manufacture of our products. Our manufacturing processes are thorough to ensure our clients receive a product that meets their requirements. Learn how we achieve this through the following:

  • Validation & Approval – our products are inspected, tested and packaged for shipment
  • Production & Service – The final validation ensures the service life performance meets the client’s demands
  • Performance Feedback – Our work is not done until we receive feedback on how the rubber part has behaved. This feedback is vital to ensure we continue to develop the best & most efficient production processes for our clients

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