From design to manufacture: How DLR can help you

Here at DLR, our ‘Design to Manufacture’ concept ensures we can source, fabricate and produce parts that not only meet your requirements but far exceed them. This ‘cradle to grave’ approach encompasses close collaborative working, state-of-the-art rubber design, development and manufacturing technology, as well as a high degree of expertise and experience, to provide you with the most effective polymer products for even the most demanding environments.

Our services

DLR specialises in the development of high-quality custom rubber mouldings, polyurethane casting and moulding, and bespoke rubber sheeting. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of service to our customers. This means providing a full turnkey solution, from the design stages through to development and full-scale production, to provide you with the most reliable, durable and cost-effective novel solutions.


We work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and to provide tailor-made solutions that help you to achieve your operational objectives. Our rubber design team will effectively become invaluable members of your team, combining years of top-level industry experience with the latest CAD and FEA technology to deliver functional and effective designs, comprising the most appropriate materials for your application.


We blend materials science, tooling and process technology during the development stage to produce your component. We make subtle modifications to the materials, tooling and processes at this stage and test your component under real application settings to validate their functionality. This iterative and collaborative process enables us to work closely with you to ensure you receive an end product that satisfies all your requirements.


Having laid much of the groundwork in the design and development stages, we finally move on to the manufacturing process. Over the years, we have been able to streamline and perfect our design processes to deliver the economical rubber manufacturing services we offer today. Whether via injection, transfer or compression moulding, we have the experience, expertise and technology to bring your part into production.

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At DLR, we are proud to call ourselves experts in the design, development and manufacture of specialised polymer products. We are a highly experienced and reliable rubber sheeting, fabrications and moulding company with materials science and manufacturing expertise from many different fields. We combine them all with state-of-the-art technology and a steadfast commitment to quality to produce the finest bespoke rubber products.

If you have a technical question or would like further product information, including a detailed quote, contact DLR Elastomer Engineering today at Our team will be happy to help in any way we can.

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DLR Elastomer is a leading manufacturer of bespoke elastomeric products & components for high performance industrial & engineering applications.