Slide Experienced Manufacturer of Polymer Products DLR Elastomer Engineering selects materials and combines them with our expert manufacturing knowledge to develop the most suitable processing and fabrication procedure. This ensures that we produce polymer products that are capable of performing in demanding environments.

What we do

Bespoke Rubber Sheeting

At DLR Elastomer Engineering, we have an extensive range of proprietary and custom-designed polymer products and sheeting.

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Custom Rubber Moulding

Whatever shape, size or quantity of moulding our customers require, the team here at DLR Elastomer Engineering develop bespoke products to meet their needs

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Experts in Polymer Products

At DLR Elastomer Engineering, we work closely with clients to understand their needs. We’re involved with every stage of the project, from material selection and product development, to prototype testing and manufacturing.

These Are Our Facilities.

At DLR, we work in close collaboration with clients to understand their needs. We support all stages of your project, from initial design and material selection, through to prototype testing, manufacturing and production.

Materials Guide

Polymer, Rubber, and Elastomer Material Selection

The materials guide provides expert guidance to support you with your material choices for polymer products

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The History of DLR Elastomer Engineering

Our History

In 2021, DLR Elastomer Engineering Ltd was formed through the successful acquisition and relocation of Elastomer Engineering Ltd into Dexine Leyland Rubber Technology Ltd (DLRT). DLRT was formed by the merger of Leyland Rubber Components and Dexine Rubber Technologies, both of which have 100+ years of history as rubber manufacturers.


Work to understand our clients' needs

Provide bespoke solutions, such as drawings and material selection

Trial tooling, materials, fabrication, and prototypes

Acquire final validation and approval before production

Collect feedback regarding our service and products

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If you want to learn more about our products and services, or you are looking for advice, our team are happy to help you. Send us your enquiry using the form below, or email us by contacting 

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    DLR Elastomer is a leading manufacturer of bespoke elastomeric products & components for high performance industrial & engineering applications.