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High Quality Custom Rubber Fabrications

DLR Elastomer has been helping our clients with their rubber fabrication requirements for over 125 years. Drawing on the knowledge and experience acquired over this time, we have helped some of the leading manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries with their requirements for rubber fabrications. Our technical team is happy to advise on materials best suited for your application. We can modify the existing compound and develop new compounds where necessary, keeping your product’s service performance conditions in mind. In addition, we monitor and apply current developments in rubber and polymer technology, and we use this knowledge to develop even more advanced materials which will benefit our customers.

DLR Elastomer Engineering

Rubber Fabrication Materials

Working with industry-leading materials, we can advise on the best compounds and materials for your specific needs and manufacture them on-site here in Leyland. We work with the most common types of materials in rubber fabrication, including but not limited to: 

Oil & Fuel


Manufacturing PVC/NBR (Poly Vinyl Chloride/ Acrylonitrile Butadiene (Nitrile) Rubber), fire retardant Neoprene and other rubber polymer products for the bulk oil, petrol, and gas tank storage industry.


Rubber Bellows & Expansion Joints

Bellows and expansion joints serve a range of diverse roles, such as reducing noise and vibration, protecting mechanical elements from dust, resisting the potential impact of shifting temperatures and pressure.

Rubber Bellows & Expansion Joints

Why Choose DLR Elastomer For Your Custom Rubber Fabrications?

DLR Elastomer has been helping our clients with their rubber and polymer requirements since 1895. Our history and expertise show in our high standards, which we are proud to say comply with ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards. All our products are researched, designed, tested and manufactured here in the UK at our Leyland site, and we are proud to comply with the Made In Britain code of conduct.
All our custom rubber fabrications are manufactured in-house, and our strict quality control protocols and attention to detail ensure that each client receives a premium product for their particular need. The team here at DLR Elastomer are ready and waiting to speak to you about your requirements, so get in touch today.

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Since 1895 DLR has been combining expansive knowledge of materials, their properties, and processing techniques to develop bespoke mouldings and fabrications for many industry sectors. Our core services include moulding rubberrubber sheeting, Petrosealsand cast polyurethane products. If you have any questions about our products, our process or the materials we use get in touch today!

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