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Manufacturers of custom rubber mouldings for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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High-Quality Custom Rubber Moulding

At DLR Elastomer, we pride ourselves in offering a bespoke rubber moulding service, understanding application requirements, and designing the parts, tooling, and process to deliver the product to the client’s exact and demanding performance needs.

Our technical team is happy to advise on materials best suited for your application. Where necessary, we can modify the existing compound and/or develop new compounds, keeping the service performance conditions of your product in mind. In addition, we monitor and apply current developments in polymer technology, and we use this knowledge to develop materials that benefit our customers.

Rubber component design can be critical to its performance. We offer advice on all aspects of product design, helping to enhance performance & service life. Working from a sample, sketch or drawing, we can quickly select the materials required to provide a quotation for parts and associated tooling.

A key part of our rubber mouldings manufacture is the ability to provide rubber-to-metal-bonded components. In addition, some dynamic applications require textiles as an essential part of the design. These textiles impart strength and longevity to the part; polyester, polyamide, metal, and carbon fibre are some of the textile materials used in rubber components.

DLR Elastomer Engineering

Rubber Moulding Compounds

We can manufacture bespoke mouldings in a range of different standard or custom compounds and high-performance materials to meet required specifications, including:

  • Natural Rubber
  • Nitrile
  • Neoprene®
  • EPDM
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone
  • Viton®

Rubber Moulding Applications

We are able to manufacture a range of rubber mouldings that have a wide range of applications. Some of the most popular applications are:

  • Bellows
  •  Seals
  •  Trims
  •  Grommets
  •  Spacers
  •  Buffers
  •  Plugs
  •  Bumpers
Rubber To Metal Bonding

Rubber To Metal Bonding

One of the most common requirements for rubber product manufacturing is the need to bond rubber to metal. Our metal-to-rubber bonded products can help you to increase performance whilst reducing assembly times.

Rubber To Metal Bonding

Custom Rubber Seals

DLR Elastomer Engineering work with a wide-ranging set of industry partners from Aerospace and Automotive to defence and marine. Working with them on all their design and manufacture requirements.

Custom Rubber Seals

Custom Rubber O-Rings

DLR Elastomer Engineering is proud to offer a diverse range of O-rings crafted from durable elastomeric materials. These O-rings are engineered to deliver exceptional sealing performance in various automotive, aerospace, and industrial settings.

Custom Rubber O-Rings

Custom Fluid Seals

We specialise in designing and manufacturing high-performance fluid seals and wear parts for some of the most challenging and demanding environments. We can help design, manufacture and test rubber hydraulic seals, piston seals, rod seals, wiper seals and wear rings.

Custom Fluid Seals

Bespoke Bonded Bushes

Rubber bushes, also known as suspension bushes, are a type of anti-vibration mount that helps isolate two parts and dampen the energy transmitted between them. We design and manufacture a semi-bonded, fully bonded, or un-bonded, depending on the application’s specific needs.

Bespoke Bonded Bushes

Bespoke Rubber Components

Bespoke Rubber Components from DLR Elastomer Engineering give you the tailor-made solutions you require, all designed, manufactured and tested right here in the UK. We are the UK’s leading rubber goods manufacturer and focus on delivering precisely what your application requires.  

Bespoke Rubber Components

Rubber Anti-Vibration Mounts

DLR Elastomer Engineering is a specialist in supplying and manufacturing anti-vibration mounts. We have been manufacturing rubber and polymer products in our Leyland factory for over 125 years, and we bring all that experience and knowledge to every rubber product we make.

Rubber Anti-Vibration Mounts

Why Choose DLR Elastomer For Your Custom Rubber Moulding?

DLR Elastomer has been serving clients with their rubber manufacturing requirements since 1895. With everything from injection moulding, compression moulding, transfer moulding and more. Our history and expertise show in our high standards, which we are proud to say are compliant with ISO14001 and ISO9001. All our products are designed, tested and manufactured here in the UK at our Leyland site, and we are proud to comply with the Made In Britain code of conduct.

All our custom rubber aircraft components are manufactured in-house, and our quality control protocols and attention to detail ensure that each client receives a premium product for their particular needs. The team at DLR Elastomer is ready and waiting to speak to you about your requirements, so get in touch today.

Want To Know More About Our Rubber Mouldings?

Discover the versatility and quality of our custom rubber products and rubber mouldings! Whether you need durable seals, precision O-rings, or bespoke anti-vibration mounts, we’ve got you covered. Benefit from our expert material selection, advanced rubber-to-metal bonding, and in-house manufacturing capabilities. Perfect for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, our rubber components are designed to meet your specific needs.

Get in touch today to find out how our tailored rubber product solutions can enhance your projects. Contact us now and speak to our expert team.

Bespoke Rubber Components

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer custom seals, O-rings, fluid seals, bonded bushes, anti-vibration mounts, and other specialised rubber components.

Yes, we provide advice on selecting the best material to meet your performance requirements.

Yes, we specialise in this and incorporate textiles for added strength and durability.

Our products are used in many industry sectors, such as automotive, defence, oil and gas, building and construction, mining, and conveyor roller covers.

We have a long history and extensive experience in the industry, ensuring high-quality standards. Over 120 years!

Yes, all our rubber mouldings are manufactured in-house to maintain quality control.

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Since 1895 DLR has been combining expansive knowledge of materials, their properties, and processing techniques to develop bespoke mouldings and fabrications for many industry sectors. Our core services include moulding rubberrubber sheeting, Petrosealsand cast polyurethane products. If you have any questions about our products, our process or the materials we use get in touch today!

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