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The History of DLR Elastomer Engineering

In 2021, DLR Elastomer Engineering Ltd was formed following the successful acquisition and relocation of Elastomer Engineering Ltd into Dexine Leyland Rubber Technology Ltd (DLRT) at our Leyland Facility.  DLRT was formed by the merger of Leyland Rubber Components and Dexine Rubber Technologies, both of which have 100+ years of history as rubber manufacturers. 

We are proud to call ourselves experts in the design, development and manufacture of specialised polymer products.

Dexine had a long history dating back to 1895, which included being a key supplier to the War Office. Leyland Rubber Components was born as a consolidation of several North-West based rubber manufacturing businesses such as The Leyland & Birmingham Rubber Co Ltd.

Established in 1966, Elastomer Engineering was a UK based rubber moulding company, delivering products in all commercially available rubbers and polyurethane products. As thermosetting elastomer manufacturers, we specialise in rubber-to-metal bonding and making parts from thermosetting rubbers.

Today, DLR Elastomer is a highly experienced and reliable rubber sheeting, fabrications and moulding company with materials science and manufacturing expertise from many different fields, combining them to produce bespoke rubber products.

Our Design Process

The service environment of the application determines the polymer type. Exposure to aggressive gases, vapours, liquids, and solids can cause severe damage to the rubber. Specially engineered heat and chemical resistant rubbers are available for the most demanding environments. Dynamic or static, black or non-black, large & small parts can be designed by our engineers for a wide range of applications.

Based on the above, DLR selects a set of materials and provides possible solutions for you to evaluate. This tells us whether the chosen materials will perform under the required service conditions. This is an iterative process.

Moulds and tooling can be designed & ordered by DLR, as we work with several reputable toolmakers. Moulds are finished to a high standard, ensuring that we, as a rubber moulding company, always produce high-quality parts, through highly-efficient manufacturing.

Materials, tooling, and techniques are assigned to a production area where the part is to be made. Here, minor modifications to tooling and methods of production can be made. Parts are inspected and finished to high standards, packaged safely, and then despatched to you for approval before full production.

Manufacture of ordered parts takes place, and production records are kept to ensure parts have been made to specification. DLR invites clients to provide feedback on the service performance of their products.

Our Services

Tailor-Made Sheeting

Calendered rubber compound is rotocured with cloth and/or plate finish. The rubber compound is selected based on the application and service conditions. Sheeting is often supplied uncured for fabrication on clients’ premises. Rubber sheeting can be reinforced using woven fabric.

Bespoke Rubber Mouldings

As a rubber moulding company, engineered bespoke rubber mouldings are developed on-site in collaboration with mould designers. The range of injection, compression, and transfer moulding presses on-site enables us to provide clients with various solutions. Rubber, alongside woven fabrics and custom made inserts, are regularly used in mouldings.

Polyurethane Casting & Moulding

Sorbothane is the trade name of one of our polyurethane products. Our rubber mouldings provide good vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics, making them a very effective acoustic damper. This material can also be bonded to other materials such as PTFE & metals.

Plant Capabilities

Our Company - Design

Our polymer design engineers generate effective and efficient solutions.

Our Company - Develop

We imprint our engineering and materials science knowledge and expertise on every rubber production solution.

Our Company - Manufacture

With the design and development processes cleared, the last stage is our rubber manufacturing process.

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If you want to learn more about our products and services, or looking for advice, our team are happy to help you. Send us your enquiry using the form below, or email us by contacting technical@elastomer.co.uk.

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