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Neoprene Rubber Sheeting

DLR Elastomer, is the leading UK supplier of superior quality, custom-made Neoprene Rubber Sheeting. Known for its excellent balance of properties, including resistance to ozone, weather, and ageing, our Neoprene Sheeting is a testament to endurance and performance. Our meticulously fabricated sheets offer unparalleled durability for challenging applications. Available in various thicknesses, densities, and colours, our Neoprene Rubber Sheets are designed to satisfy the requirements of diverse sectors, including marine, automotive, construction, and industrial environments.


Tailored Solutions

At DLR Elastomer, we recognize that each customer has unique needs. As such, we provide custom solutions that match your specific requirements. Share with us your needs, and we’ll deliver the perfect Neoprene Rubber Sheeting solution for you. These sheets are available in thicknesses from 0.5mm to 50mm and sheet sizes of 1.4m in either 5m, 10m or 20m, depending on thickness. Our standard colour is black, but we can offer other grades, colours, and finishes, subject to meeting minimum batch quantities.

Neoprene Rubber Sheeting

Typical Applications of Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene rubber is typically used in applications like:

  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Hoses and Tubing Belts
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Electrical Insulation

Properties of Neoprene Rubber

  • Excellent resistance to ozone, weather, and ageing.
  • emperature Range: -40º C to +120º C.
  • Good resistance to many oils, chemicals, and commercial cleaning compounds.
  • Good physical toughness and flame retardancy.

Why Choose DLR Elastomer For Your Custom Rubber Sheeting?

With a rich history dating back to 1895, DLR Elastomer has been consistently meeting clients’ specific rubber needs. Our adherence to ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards highlights our unwavering commitment to quality. All our products are thoroughly researched, designed, tested, and manufactured at our UK-based Leyland site, and we are proud to adhere to the Made In Britain code of conduct.

Our custom rubber sheeting products are produced in-house, and our rigorous quality control protocols ensure each client receives a product that perfectly suits their needs. The team at DLR Elastomer is ready to help you with your requirements, so contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Neoprene Rubber Sheeting is a type of rubber sheeting known for its excellent resistance to ozone, weather, and ageing. It offers a good balance of physical and chemical properties, making it ideal for various applications.

Typical applications include gaskets and seals, hoses and tubing, belts, vibration isolation, and electrical insulation.

Our Oil & Fuel Our Neoprene Rubber Sheeting is available in various thicknesses, ranging from 0.5mm to 50mm.

Yes, while our standard colour is black, we can offer other grades, colours, and finishes, provided they meet our minimum batch quantities.

Neoprene Rubber Sheeting is well-known for its excellent resistance to ozone, weather, and ageing. It maintains its properties even under extreme conditions and has a temperature range of -40º C to +120º C.

All our products are researched, developed, and manufactured in-house at our UK-based Leyland site, adhering to the Made In Britain code of conduct.

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Since 1895 DLR has been combining expansive knowledge of materials, their properties, and processing techniques to develop bespoke mouldings and fabrications for many industry sectors. Our core services include moulding rubberrubber sheeting, Petrosealsand cast polyurethane products. If you have any questions about our products, our process or the materials we use get in touch today!

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